Three things I never understood about Dairy Queen drive-thru customers.

  1. If you’ll get your driver’s door window fixed - so that it rolls down - you’ll find it makes using the drive-thru much easier. 
  2. Have you lost your peripheral vision? Otherwise, I don’t understand why you pulled up so far away from the drive-thru window that you now have to exit your car to pay and retrieve your food. 
  3. You’re in the drive-thru. You really don’t have to end your order by saying, “That’s to go.” I kinda figured as much.
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  1. mammalingo said: Great. You said “Dairy Queen.” Now I have to have some. Now. Now! You know I love my DQ!
  2. thesassyprince said: I never got why people whose window didn’t work even came in thru the drive thru! And it was usually just one person in the car. Get out and go in!!
  3. bumbleeebeees said: People are cray! Especially when they want their food!
  4. lilmisstini23 said: Jaime always says “that’s to go” just in a joking matter. I always tell him not to people think he’s being an ass, but he insists on doing it EVERY time. Like its the first time they’ve heard it HA
  5. thesahmmy said: thanks. now i want a chocolate dipped cone.
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