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    Absolutely a difference. Glassy is classy. Also way tastier. Also the memories of my childhood trump price or...
  2. mediocremommy said: totally a difference….I only like it in a bottle too.
  3. kaboolieandme said: yes!!!!! there is..
  4. togetbackhomeward said: There is a difference between the coke in glass bottles from Mexico, but that not kind. And that’s only because coke from S. America is made with real sugar, not high fructose.
  5. superheroesfightdragons said: People claim it tastes different… IT DOESN’T. It’s made with he exact same ingredients but just bottled instead if canned
  6. butdadsaid said: My grandad had a service that delivered and recycled the coke bottles. They are awesome.
  7. koumeps said: I concur with miles and izz
  8. mammalingo said: Coke in bottles is better!
  9. whitebrowndad said: 1st world problems.
  10. miles--files said: Huuuuge difference. The taste is so much crisper and the flavor is just so much bolder. I love soda from a glass bottle…
  11. asimpledad said: It is better especially chilled. Sprite a 7-up are also really good in a bottle. BTW you are nice to get it for your house guest.
  12. piggyvonninja said: My mom will only drink it from a plastic bottle. She must like the chemical taste! But she does hate those aluminum bottles of beer. She says the glass bottle only.
  13. bumbleeebeees said: Ask me? No way. Ask Alexis? Practically two different sodas.
  14. imtellingben said: I think you should buy RC Cola and tell’em to chill the hell out.
  15. mamaswears said: There is a taste difference, but what an asshole thing for a guest to whine about!
  16. mommagreen said: That’s just ridiculous, it all tastes the same! x
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