While walking by a classroom at my twins’ school, I overheard a first grade teacher saying, “I want anyone wearing pink to put their homework in the basket on my desk.” Over the rustling sound of several students standing up and moving towards the teacher’s desk, I heard the teacher offer this clarification, “Basically, this means I want all the girls to put their homework in the basket on my desk.” 

To hear an authority figure say something so absurd to young, impressionable students and then thinking of all the work I’ve done with my kids to make sure they don’t ascribe to or limit themselves to such ridiculous gender stereotypes, I wanted to rush in and rescue the students from the grips of such silliness. But, instead, a small part of me died.

I also noted her name and decided, “No way that idiot is teaching one of my kids next year.”

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  1. togetbackhomeward said: Mamamusement took the words out of my mouth. Seriously.
  2. northernmomma said: In her defense…maybe it was just an observation of her class…saying all of the girls in her class were wearing pink today…not that boys cannot wear pink. I could be wrong but I have played that game before as a way to teach observation :(
  3. piggyvonninja said: What an idiot.
  4. asimpledad said: People can be so ignorant. It is again putting people in boxes. I think I would say something nicely, which I know you would, to the principal
  5. lazydad said: Ugh.
  6. themamalogues said: Or, if your kids get her for a teacher make sure they wear pink everyday? As Bugs used to say, what a maroon!
  7. mamamusement said: Might be worth educating the teacher that pink, historically, was a male color up until the 1920s when Macy’s began the separation of colors as a way to discourage hand-me-downs & encourage spending.
  8. stay-alittle said: ugh! thats terrible!
  9. electradaddy posted this
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