Yay! I’ve been approved. This tax season I’ll be participating in a volunteer program that helps low and moderate-income taxpayers file their taxes. There’s no cost to the taxpayer when they use this service.

I participated in this program many years ago but moved away from it when I got busy with the Dairy Queens. As a CPA, it often feels like my options for helping people are limited. In contrast, lawyers can make a huge impact in people’s lives by taking important cases on a pro bono basis and writers can gain attention for causes by writing about them and promoting them on their blogs. When you’re a numbers and spreadsheets guy, rather than a people and language person, it can feel like a struggle to find a way to use your specialized knowledge and skills to help people in a meaningful way.

So many folks find the process of completing their tax forms to be overwhelming, daunting, and mind-boggling. It’s always nice to help those folks who can’t really afford to pay a tax preparer but need some assistance in completing the forms. 

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  1. generxdad said: I got an idea for helping thru accounting but it is too late at night for the details so writing this now so that can remember to follow with you later.
  2. asimpledad said: Have I ever told you my dad is a CPA.
  3. sweetcarolinealine said: I wish I we were closer. we always go to H&R Block and they charge an arm and a leg. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing either!
  4. midwestern-momma said: Good for you! A friend of mine (also a CPA) does something similar in Illinois.
  5. photosbykime said: This is so great to hear!
  6. electradaddy posted this
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