…you’re a fag, but I’m not sure what that means.”

That greeting from the twins’ classmate who we saw on the playground this week came as a bit of a shock.

My initial reaction was to say, “Well, it means your dad is an asshole.” But, as I looked at the innocence on the kid’s face, I thought, “What it means is that if your dad is comfortable using that kind of language around his six year old then I hope & pray that you turn out straight. Otherwise, I fear your dad will treat you horribly, placing you on the fast track of becoming another depressed 14 year old who feels alone & harms himself in some way whether it’s through drugs, unsafe sex, alcohol, or suicide.”

So, I just smiled and said, “I’m not really sure what it means but my name is Kenny so why don’t you just call me that.”

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    So sad that amazing people such as electradaddy have to deal with BS like this. I’m sad that a child is being taught...
  2. hey-there-moonflower said: This made me so sad. You handled it wonderfully though.
  3. timeoflilacs said: This was a really sad post. I’m so sorry. But you definitely had the best response ever. <3
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  5. asimpledad said: You are amazing.
  6. lightningbaltimore said: You never cease to impress me. What a great answer!
  7. cornerof5thand57th said: Good. Grief. People can really suck.
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    This man right here!
  10. togetbackhomeward said: Wow. Just wow. Glad you took the high road of course, but it’s so sad that people are teaching their children that sort of language.
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    You are, very clearly, a better man than I. Good on you for how you handled that.
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