…clearly hates old people with fat fingers.

Keep in mind that I’m computer stupid so maybe it’s just something about the way my iPad and iPhone are set-up but at least once a week I’ll accidentally unfollow somebody when I really want to “ask” them a question.

With the Tumblr app on both my iPhone and my iPad, the “ask” button is represented by a tiny envelope and the “unfollow” button is much bigger and located directly next to the “ask” symbol. Who the hell, but a young person with terrific vision and skinny fingers, would put a tiny “ask” button next to the “unfollow” button? These two functions are very different and have no business being located next to each other. Or, maybe old peeps with fat fingers like myself have no business being on Tumblr? 

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  1. piggyvonninja said: I have also wondered this.
  2. mywildloves said: Dont you go anywhere. I might go crazy.
  3. koumeps said: It also happens to be in the same place as the “ask/reply/post” buttons so heaven forbid the app lags just slightly and you try to hit it again, you just fucking unfollowed them. They need to bury that button somewhere and/or make a confirmation dialog
  4. thehobodad said: I have done this many times. I always feel terrible after I do it.
  5. bujnik said: Just tape the url and add /ask instead.
  6. electradaddy posted this
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