A couple of weeks ago, my friend, the one who throws the coolest parties by having the best games (why can’t I be that creative), had us suggest two sad songs (plus a third song for a tiebreaker) for a contest to see who could come up with the cheesiest, most emotionally blackmailing songs.

Usually her parties don’t involve a prize, other than bragging rights, but this time she was giving away tickets to a local play that she couldn’t attend. I really wanted those tickets so I put a lot of thought into my choices.

I wanted to use songs that had been popular, but had maybe fallen into some level of obscurity. So, I went with 

I mean, c’mon. How can you go wrong with two songs that use the relationship between fathers and sons to tug on your heart strings? Helping the crying son have the courage to get on the school bus for the first day of kindergarten and a son who wants to restore an old car with his dad simply so the two can spend time together, especially since mom has died. I mean this is gold level material, amirite?

I wound up tying with the guy who brought these two songs, which I felt were good, but still way too popular so they seemed too easy.

For the tie-breaker, the other guy went with Tim McGraw’s, Don’t Take The Girl.¬†Please. Girl wants boy. Boy thinks girl is icky. Boy and girl grow up and realize they can’t live without each other. Been done a million times and the song is still way too f*cking popular.

I, on the other hand, turned to a mother’s love and went with Patty Loveless’ How Can I Help You Say Goodbye. I mean. C’mon. It’s a song about a mother who is so supportive that on her own deathbed she’s more concerned about her grown daughter than her own imminent demise and her final words are “it’s ok to hurt and it’s ok to cry”. Cheesy, emotional, & gut-wrenching stuff. Clearly. I won, right?

Nope. I lost by two votes. Ugh. Mommy haters.

What do you think? Was I cheated? Or did the other guy really win?

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  1. mrstu said: Based on facts provided, I’d say you won, too. But I would need to description as well since the saddest song I can think of is 10,000 days by Tool. Or one of Maynard’s story about watching his mom suffer from cancer.
  2. putontheshirt said: Are you kidding me? How Can I Help You Say Goodbye is one of the saddest songs ever. You won. Hands down.
  3. daysofthedad said: I think you were robbed my friend! I demand a do-over!
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